Blodarv – Mysteriis
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

Starting off with “Forseglet forevigt,” this seems slightly more guitar-based than Murder in the Name of Satan. Rather different versions later appeared on the Heksen 7,” Deamonis and Soulcollector. Despite some great songs having been on Murder…, this does seem to show a progression in the songwriting quality, in that it doesn’t really have any weak points. This version of “Power of a Soul” is a bit different than the later version on Deamonis, I like the sound effects and the vocals better in this version somehow, something about the bass in the other didn’t work for me; it sounded too upbeat or something and the more deliberate sounding vocal delivery works better with the lyrical matter. This is a lot more static-y sounding and the lyrics are easier to understand. There is a “secret track,” (“Kaldet fra Fjeldet”) except that it is listed on the liner notes and therefore not very secret, but I suppose that’s a very minor complaint. “Heksen (Nitiria Amlech)” also has some slight changes and backing vocals by Achtilil.

“Sacrifices to the Devil (version II)” has a modified intro than the original version with singing, which is strangely soothing despite the lyrics being about killing babies, and then it launches into the manic-sounding last 4 minutes of the song. I rarely say this about singing, but I really like the addition of this part in this version of the song. This CD ends with a strange industrial sounding outro sort of track.

Mysteriis seems slightly more guitar-oriented than Murder… and shows a shift in the direction of the songwriting away from using so many samples and spoken parts, toward songs with more memorable guitar riffs and a bit of singing here and there. There are still some ambient sorts of things going on between songs however. Having heard later versions of some of this, it was interesting to see the way the songs had evolved over the years, and I liked the more atonal versions of some of the songs that later had more melodic vocals on Soulcollector such as “Forseglet Forevigt” and “Den røde Sten.” Weird yet well-writen and catchy black metal with industrial tendencies.

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