Blodarv – Murder in the name of Satan
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

I’m reviewing old stuff again, but I don’t give a damn. Anyway, Having finally gotten copies of this and Mysteriis, I now own and have reviewed every single Blodarv release except the Baalberith split, but I understand that it is the same as Mysteriis anyway. Anyway, my work here on earth is complete now and I can go and die. Except that Civitas Diaboli is coming out soon and I want that too…

Anyway, it is impossible to not be amazed by all the differences here. This has “Disgusting Beauty” as a sort of intro track, which later appeared on Linaria Amlech and is a lot of noises and stuff with Hugin talking over it before “Sacrifices to the Devil.” When I first got Deamonis, I listened to “Under Satans Vinger” on repeat for several months because I couldn’t believe how awesome it was. This is not an exaggeration. If it weren’t for Blodarv, I might spend time doing useful things and being a productive member of society instead of being stuck to my CD and record players all day and hunting down used out of print records. Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t be productive in any case. Nevermind. In any case, “Under Satans Vinger” is just about the best song I’ve heard in my life, though this version is remarkably different, yet equally amazing. Hugin sounds epically psychotic. This is better than cocaine (Editor’s note: my drug years are long past actually). This makes me want to go and exterminate the entire human race. “Jeg skal dræber alle jeg møder på min vej!” and all that. Impossible to say which version is better, they are just different.

“Thousand wounds on my body” also appeared on Deamonis, and features knife sounds and classical music samples. Speaking of samples, there is a fair amount of spoken stuff, sampled dialogue, and sound effects here, and the overall effect is quite different from something like Soulcollector. On the other hand, what hasn’t changed over the past 10 or so years of Blodarv releases is the general feeling of chaos and despair in the songs, and the narrative quality of the lyrics. It ends on a rather bizarre note with Hugin sort of half-singing “…I have so many demons… in my mind…” over a piano, which somehow reminds me of the guy in the funny hat at the end of Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood. There are maybe more industrial and ambient sorts of tendencies on this demo than on later releases, though it is all pretty good, especially “Under Satans Vinger” and “Sacrifices to the Devil.”

Hugin Productions


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