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hugin1. Hails Hugin and thanks for doing this interview! I read that the Civitas Diaboli album is supposed to be out soon,. Could you tell us a bit about the album? Does it have any central concept?

Hails, you’re very welcome, I have read 2 of your magazines and I like the cut n paste style, and the old-school vein its made in,( it actually reminds me of my old Magazine STAFA-Magazine), and of course I will gladly do the interview. And yes CIVITAS DIABOLI MCD is out now, it was released in juli 09 on SELFMUTILATION SERVICES ,,,,in a regular and in a strongly limited Diehard-edition in a5 format, with different cover and with a patch included. The merchandise for this album is a CIVITAS DIABOLI-T-shirt and Long-sleeve that also was released at the same time as the album.Also by SELFMUTILATION SERVICES. The concept is as always build upon the universe of BLODARV with all its demons, death, and darkness.

2. Do you think that Black Metal, by definition, has to be anti-Christian? How do you feel about “Christian” BM bands that superficially try to look and sound like BM bands?

First of all BlackMetal can never be Christian! Because then it isn’t blackmetal..simple as that.
How could Lyrics about worshipping Christ ever be BlackMetal..
Metal perhaps, but not BlackMetal.
BlackMetal in its true essence can never be superficial, then its not BlackMetal in my opinion.And YES surely BlackMetal has to be anti-Christian! Souls that want to make Christian music, can call their music something else, but BlackMetal it should never be called!! BlackMetal is focused on things that doesn’t fit with Christian believes and ethic so I really don’t understand how anyone could call their music BLackMetal if its not anti-christian in any way.
Anyway I think these Christian bands you speak of (which I happily haven’t met) should be aware of what is good for them, they shouldn’t mess with BlackMetal, and I hope someone near them will make that clear to them.!.. What is this world coming to??!!

hugin33. Does it bother you when people seem to think you worship the Christian devil, like on that TV interview where you were asked how your beliefs differ from those of Christianity? Or do such people’s opinions not really matter?

Well I often get annoyed by peoples ignorance ,but I cant say their opinion matter to me personal, I am more annoyed by the fact that people are so fucking stupid, then the fact that people don’t understand what I am doing,..I don’t need to be understood by the masses, I mean if people want to live in ignorance and stupidity I will let them, it is not my plan to save the world from stupidity, and people that think I worship a “Christian Devil” as you put it, can think that if they want, I couldn’t explain them in a million words anyway, the essence of my doings, or the essence of Satan. Christianity clearly has succeeded in creating Satan in their own image as with everything else, and obviously people believe them, and closes their eyes for what Christianity called ” Satan” really is. but the power of Satan was here long time before anyone called it “Satan” the Christians saw a small part of it, and labelled it Satan, gave it a form and classified it to the point, where you could finally Draw the Devil on a piece of paper. They did that because they didn’t understand the power of this energy, this eternal creating circle, that wasn’t their so bellowed creating god. They labelled it, gave it a name, to feel they controlled it. They tried to hide it away from humanity for ever, by making it the sum of all fear. They almost succeeded but you can not hide something as strong as this. A power that takes up 75% of the universe surrounding us, is not easily hid, and things started to change when we reached the end of the 2nd century, where new powers arose in the north, and the youth opened their eyes for Satan .but this was only the first step, there is a long way from opening your eyes, to actually seeing.. And some will always see the devil as something you can draw on paper..As a man with horns.
Its their own little safety net that they can hold on to, that keeps them from re-valuating their whole way of understanding, thinking, and living. It gives their mind peace.

blodarvlogo4. They also seemed disturbed when you mentioned not liking most people or looking for friends at work or whatever, as if that were completely unthinkable. Do you think of Black Metal as a lifestyle in addition to a type of music? Are certain types of people just drawn to Black Metal? What does Black Metal mean to you?

I guess you are right, people often think that if you don’t want a social life, if you don’t seek friends, and dont want to be a part of the Established world, there must be something wrong with you, but I am confident enough to not let me manipulate by what has been created into being normal today.
The world and its population has made some serious mistakes way long time ago, when trying to find answers to questions, and now these mistakes has been forced upon humanity as the facts of life,and the way things should be done, but that world created by blindness and wrong calculations, is not a world I want to take part in.
I will advise everyone to seek the answers in them selves, there are more truth there then in the down-written facts of life and other humans strange expectations to what you should think and act like.
BlackMetal is art and expression, and becomes a lifestyle if you live for your art, and words.
I don’t like the word lifestyle though, it’s a small stupid word I don’t like using, but if I must use it I would say it like this,. my lifestyle is represented in my Music.

5. What do you think makes so many people cling to Christianity? that everything is thought of and that the silver key to knowledge and the answer to all things concerning life and death has already been found.. it calms their brain, and they don’t have to think bigger than their on little world called Earth. It’s a pause button to thinking, a stop sign before it becomes to “Complicated” for them. Again I think it gives their small mind peace..
Self-deceit is the biggest factor for why so many cling to Christianity.

6. Your lyrics are unique in this type of Black Metal due to the storytelling nature and the artwork/layouts are very nice also. Will you continue to do the artwork/compositions all yourself?

Yes, until I die from this world.

7. I think I read an interview with you where you mentioned that a DVD might be a possibility in the future. Is this so? It would be really cool for those of us too far away to get to your shows!

It is my plan, but it lays way in the future, as I have other things to focus on right now, but you are right it is the plan. I have our 7 first gigs on video, and one day I will make a dvd with stuff from these shows.

8. Is this Venom/Bathory tribute still happening? Because I think a Blodarv version of “In League with Satan” would be awesome.

Right now I am waiting to hear more about it, the guys behind it should contact me, as I am not sure were this is going, I asked specially for doing in league with satan, and not some other Venom or bathory track, because I really like it, but the correspondence has kind of faded so I am not sure if it will happen.. lets see what the future brings.

hugin29. I know you’ve stated that Blodarv means “inherit in the blood” or “passed on in the blood,” but was this chosen for any specific reason relating to the band? What is passed on in the blood?

You are right, freely translated it means “passed on in the blood”, I chose it be course I wanted a name that symbolised the essence of the music and lyrics, a name that represented all the things that BLODARV is, so I thought for months how I could name this very personal project, that had all my visions, demons, souls and energies in it. A word that represented the inherited ability to sense things that others didn’t sense, which I had since early childhood, a word that represented my strong connection to a long gone past,a word that represented energies,and infinity and all this together and more made me chose the name BLODARV

10. Your lyrics talk a lot about death, energies, and souls. Do you think a person’s energy goes on somehow when they die? Do you believe in spirits/ghosts?

I believe we came from energy, and will return to energy. But there are weak and strong energies.energies you can not miss, and energies you can hardly see
Energies that can not be heard, and other energies that can. There is not one define mass result for what all energies can develop into, and there is no certainty in death. But some energies clings to the earth, and some to the universe, and some to nothing at all. If The ones that clings to the earth and earths atmosphere are what you call ghosts, yes then I certainly believe in ghosts.
If not I should be lying to my self.. And everyone who has experienced these “ghosts” will agree with me that these energies are as real as what you can touch and see.. everything in the universe has an energy, in one form or the other, so believing mankind should be the only thing that had no energies, and leaves no trace of energies, seems further away from logic for my answer must be yes, some persons energies goes on efter death, but some doesnt.

hugin411. You use a lot of visual symbols and imagery; corpsepaint, spikes, leather, pentagrams, and so on. Do you think imagery/theatricality are important to create the right atmosphere in your music?

You said the words yourself my friend, it’s about creating atmosphere, and yes I believe that is important, both for us as artists and the crowed that views the show. Such things are just good for “underlining” a message and for visualising the song to the crowed, if you know what I mean..
There is nothing more sickening then watching bands that don’t even do the effort to create some kind of atmosphere.. They just go on stage and play like it’s a fucking 9-5 job, were they just have to play their tracks correct for an hour, and then everything is good! Hell no! We give us self 110 percent live, and we want to give the audience an experience in the universe of BLODARV that they cant get by listening to the CDs, we respect our listeners enough, not to just do some half-hearted show, but really give them something back for their support and dedication, and that’s also a part of it. But the corpsepaint, spikes, symbols, smoke,snow etc, is a natural part of the universe of BLODARV, and that will never change, we want to feel home on stage, and all those things makes the stage more personal.
I have played live since 1994 and I have never done a gig without corpsepaint etc,( I did it on one “rehearsel-gig”, many years ago though, and that felled strange and wrong and will not happen again) so its not something I think about anymore, its just a natural part of playing live to me, and there will always be paint,spikes,symbols etc at BLODARVs gigs.

12. How do you feel about the commercialization/trendiness of Black Metal nowadays? Do it hurt BM or does it not really matter, since such people will move on to something else soon enough anyway?

I will answer this question with a little story attached..
when I first I was young in the late 80’s and early 90’s everything was different. My satanic view on life didn’t fall in anybodies taste, and even less the metal I listened to. Back then you took the fight with every single person you met, ..Later on even DeathMetal guys could not accept our strong opinions and dedication to satan and BlackMetal so both the young ones of the stupid pop-culture but also the so-called Metal heads hated us, because our music was just noise to them, and they hated the high-pitch vocals we loved. They loved baggy-pans and caps. We loved Leatherjackets and spikes.
There were no-one like us around, and finding a equal minded, or something that just reminded of it back then was impossible it seemed. Of cause there were metal-heads around, but We were just as much into Satanism as into Metal, and the metal heads we met, were so far from us in the mind, that we really felled there were no-one out there with the same view on things as us.

partial scan of this interview from COD#18

partial scan of this interview from COD#18

Then comes the 90’s and an huge number of bandssees the light of day, the movement of BlackMetal explodes in Europe and the rest is history right..
The commercialization of BlackMetal was impossible to avoid, anyone with a bright mind could figure that out. I am just glad I have experienced the beginning in all its glory. I like beginnings, people are serious and dedicated, and speak what they believe when there is something to fight for, and adventures to walk.
Lets get it straight that BLackMetal before it was commercialized was very different from after, as so is everything once it is adopted by the identity seeking masses. BlackMetal today is something else then it was before,. and in link to that so is the way that society looks upon it. Serious and dedicated souls are few,
So be it. Today the environment exists of these bands you speak of that moves on to something else when BM isn’t popular anymore, there are constantly coming new acts up with such bands, and even though they might leave in a few years, then there is constantly coming new , and many.. So many, that the environment today exists of more of those, then the ones who actually has something to come with.
So I guess it does matter to a point right.

13. Do you think the internet has a more positive or negative impact with regards to underground music? How do you feel about people downloading music? I can’t help but think that even legal downloads that you pay for are vastly inferior to buying the album because you miss out on the whole experience of the artwork/lyrics and so on.

I believe you are very right there, people that only downloads and listens to mp3 files are really missing out on a lot , but yes even if you can download it in waw-format its still only half of the art you get.
And not a complete experience at all, as when you are actually sitting with the album in your hands, turning through the pages.. Its hard to explain, but in a way I guess, to me downloads and burned CDs is like books with only pictures in it.. They are not very interesting, and gets boring in no time, you never get a personal relation to them, and after a while you stop taking the book down from the shelf.. I don’t know, maybe I am just from another time, but I don’t feel I have the music if I don’t have the orig.album.
Do the internet has a more positive or negative impact on the underground you ask.. Well its not all that black and white, but if it should be summoned up to either positive or negative impact, I would say negative.

14. Is there any music you’ve heard lately that you would recommend?

to be honest as always, I haven’t really heard many new things lately, as I as always has been deep into BLODARVs own universe ,working on, and developing the new release “Civitas Diaboli”

hugin515. What is the best way to find your albums? The website hasn’t been updated in a while, are the older CDRs and things still available?

You can still order the albums directly from the companies that released it, and the following releases can be ordered directly from me : latest 2 releases + the new-released CIVITAS DIABOLI CD and the old demos can be ordered directly from me also
There is worldwide shipment so don’t hesitate to get in contact..
When this is said I actually just updated a list of where you can order BLODARV material in various countries on our profile on myspace go tjeck it out!

16. Thanks again and do you have any final words?

Tjeck out the new CD “Civitas Diaboli” released by Self Mutilation Services. If any of the readers are near denmark, we will play our last gig for this year(2009) in COPENHAGEN Nov 21.(together with SHINING , PAGAN RITES, VARDLOKKUR etc..)
But we will of cause be back in 2010 and release more demons on the live stage.
Thanks for the interview, and may the devil be with you!

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