Bio Zombie
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

Another one of those tongue-in-cheek nods to the zombie films of old, Bio-Zombie is kind of like a comedy version of Dawn of the Dead. After the first twenty minutes, I was certain I was going to hate this movie. The main characters, Woody Invincible and Crazy B, never shut up! They work at a mall, where they try to be suave around the girls and cool around the guys, and fail miserably at both.

Unfortunately for everyone, there are chemicals in the soda that turn people into flesh eating zombies! Meanwhile, all sorts of drama is happening to our hapless heroes. First, they get accused of breaking into a store. Then, when Woody is just about to get jiggy with the girl he likes in the bathroom, the nerdy Sushi Boy runs in screaming about monsters. Of course Woody thinks he’s just jealous, until he sees the zombies for himself. Soon, mayhem erupts in the mall.

Bio Zombie is fairly fast paced, which holds your attention despite the fact that it has its weak points. The English dubbing in particular is awful; the voice actors sound like they just finished eating a bowl of stupid. The makeup isn’t that great, but we can forgive that since you can’t take it seriously anyway. You aren’t supposed to. On the other hand, there are some great moments here. The self-referential humor works here where it failed in movies like Evil Ed or The Dead Next Door. My favorite part was where Woody and Crazy are searching a room for weapons and the like, and after picking up a gun, the screen flashes “RELOAD” in red. If you’ve ever played a survival horror game (or a shooting game, for that matter) you can appreciate the irony here. Also some fun, extremely over the top melodrama happening.

If you can stomach the bad dubbing and the boring beginning, you’re pretty sure to find a good waste of an hour or so here.

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