Between Pleasure and Pain (Ebook)
Reviewed by Jun 25th, 2002

Between Pleasure and Pain
An Anthology of Erotic Horror by Carl Hose

“Yeah, I’ll do it for ya. Guess that makes you as sick as the rich folks though.”

“‘Centric,” Cracker corrected, cracking his knuckles. “Just one thing, though,” he added. “Would you mind not fuckin’ the one you dig up for me? I mean, she is gonna have to be with me a long time and all…”

–“Unholy Matrimony”

This is an e-book, 78 pages long, available at I opened the file not expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised. Some stuff for everybody here, there’s the Lovecraftian “Thing in the Attic,” the Western zombie tale “Deadtown;” an amusing story of a groupie who gives her heart to rock n roll. There’s a story of a mummy; and a story about a man who watches his girlfriend while she has sex with other men, then she kills them; even a bizarre killer-vegetable tale. Yessir, something for everybody…

I particularly enjoyed the weird zombie tales like the short but amusing “The Smell,” and the irreverent “Scoring,” and my overall favorite was “Deadtown,” a tale about the undead in the old West. Hose’s characters are well-rounded, and the writing is enjoyable. All the madness and mayhem you expect from the genre, presented from a fresh angle.

Definitely not for kids, or those offended by the strong sexual content, but it’s a great collection for those who enjoy a good, original horror tale. Recommended.

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