Basket Case
Reviewed by Oct 14th, 2009

Duane Bradley (Kevin van Hentenryck) has a jealous, telepathic, deformed brother who lives in a wicker basket. And that’s pretty much the movie in a nutshell. Duane and Belial (the brother) have just arrived in New York. They stop at the first hotel they find, and plan to kill the doctors that separated them. They seem pretty good at getting away with murder, but the two run into problems when Duane tries to go on dates. He’s become quite the ladie’s man since he arrived in New York, and Belial gets jealous and causes all sorts of chaos when he knows Duane is with a girl.

Duane stops at a bar one evening, and finds the woman from across the hall. They get drunk together. Duane, as always, is carrying his basket. The woman is dying to know what’s in the basket. “My brother,” Duane replies. They both convulse with laughter, but after Duane gives away some more details, the woman gets creeped out.

Next we see a flashback of a young Duane and Belial, before the surgery. The father wasts a normal life for Duane, and hires some doctors to separate them. They turn the dining room into a makeshift operating room, throwing Belial in the garbage. Since Belial is telepathic, Duane is able to find him and let him out. Belial later kills his father, and Duane and Belial go to live with their sympathic aunt.

Back in present time, the woman is helping a staggering drunk Duane back to his room. Duane seems to have passed out on the bed, so the woman sneaks a peek in the basket. It’s empty. Apparently Belial took a fancy to the scantily dressed neighbor, as he later tries to stroke her breast while she sleeps, sending her into a panic.

Soon after, Duane meets up with a girl again. Right when Duane is about to get some, Belial rears his ugly head. Duane tries to conceal him, and ends up scaring away the girl. Duane yells at Belial for a while and go to sleep. Belial sneaks out, kills the woman, and rapes her.

The story is a bit strange, it’s handled well though. The stop motion animation was decent for the time, and the effects are well done. But still, it’s a movie about a deformed telepathic sex-crazed detached-Siamese-twin murderer/rapist. At least you can’t call it unoriginal.

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