Baalberith/Blodarv – Drightenlands/Mysteriis [split]
Reviewed by Oct 22nd, 2009

Baalberith – Drightenlands

I will admit to only tracking this down to see for sure if the Blodarv half was the same as the Mysteriis demo, which I already had. Well, I had everything else they ever released as well. When I started listening to the Baalberith half, my first thoughts were, “Oh no, not another BM split starting off with a cheesy keyboard intro.” This was a bit harsh of me, but I am sort of a mean bitch. Thankfully, things start looking up from there. Not that the intro is necessarily bad, just that I’ve heard too many of these things, and they rarely add anything to the album.

I’m not crazy about the vocals here, as it sounds a bit too much like the guy has to throw up. Again, they are not bad, I just don’t like them much. Musically, it’s pretty decent. I don’t know about the beginning of the third track; it is my understanding that people usually edit out the parts where they are tripping over the microphone stand before the song starts, but whatever. A lot of it is somewhat slow, but the guitar parts are well-written and memorable. The songs are fairly long, most being around six minutes. They are sort of on the epic/atmospheric side of things, and “Bloodstained Snowfields” even features clean singing in parts. On the whole, a bit slow for my tastes, but musically good and I will probably listen to it again at some point in the future.

Blodarv – Mysteriis

This one caused me a bit of confusion because the Blodarv half is called Mysteriis, which is also the title of an earlier demo, but it is not quite exactly the same. The difference is that this lacks 2 of the tracks on the demo, the first and last, these being “Forseglet forevigt (Den jordfødte Kællings hævn)” and “Heksen (Nitiria Amlech).” Also confusing is the fact that many of the song titles are slightly changed, “In the Dark Side of your mind” is the same as “Where the Beast Dwell (In the Dark Side of Your Mind)” from the demo version of Mysteriis; the cover for the Blodarv side is the back cover of the Mysteriis demo.

Due to it being nearly the same, I don’t even know if I should bother describing the music, so click here to read my review of Mysteriis, which I think was an excellent release, but this is pretty much the same release, so it’s probably not of much interest except to completists.

Since the songs on here are available elsewhere in the same versions and this is no longer available, it’s probably not worth hunting down for most people. Everything on here is on the Mysteriis demo, which you can still buy from the band. “Forseglet forevigt” and “Nitiria Amlech” showed up on the Heksen EP also, but that’s out of print as well.

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